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Author and motivational speaker Dustin Vaughn Warncke strives to inspire you in your life’s journey by helping you live an intentional optimized life with empowering resilience. Life teaches us many lessons. The question is: What are you learning from your experiences? Dustin’s books reach to the core of intentionally living your best life and playing the cards you were dealt in your journey along with a strength from within. Dustin’s latest two books combine spirituality and motivation for a great combination in living your best life now.

About the Author

Dustin Vaughn Warncke is an avid writer, speaker, podcaster, TV show producer, business person, and ecommerce professional. Additionally, Warncke has  served as a motivational speaker, devotion leader, and master teacher.

 He has hosted hundreds of YouTube videos, as well as bi-monthly podcasts for severaL years and also co-hosts and produces outdoor TV shows which air on streaming outdoor TV networks. In addition, Warncke has volunteered with Cross Water Outfitters, a Central Texas fishing ministry as well as Camp Agape Texas, a Christian grief camp for children ages 7-12 who have lost a loved one.

As an author of more than 10 books, Dustin’s goal in all he does is to inspire others to do great things and to live with love, joy, purpose, meaning and significance.

Living an intentional, mindful and empowered life is challenging in our ever changing and stressful world today. This book is where spirituality meets practicality and success, all while standing on God’s promises and discovering who you really are as a magnificent creation of life.

Living with purpose, significance and meaning is so much more impactful to the world around us when we harvest the best lessons life teaches and consider the journey, not the destination. The purpose this book strives for is to empower us to love and be loved, encourage compassion and grace, and foster an attitude of hope in all circumstances.

Life offers us many opportunities but the road we travel on can also become cluttered with many challenges and obstacles. The purpose of this book is to give spoonfuls of hope in times of trial and hardship and encourage you to live your best life now, no matter what odds you’re facing.

This book’s goal is to be an insightful guide for making the most of what your life and situation have to offer the world. You are an amazing creation and have an incredible purpose in life. By standing on God’s promises through faith, you will learn to rise and grind with a new meaning and hope each and every day!

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