Urban hunting is starting to spread into new areas as urban and suburban areas spill over into what used to be prime wildlife habitat. This book covers the many areas hunters can find hunting opportunities in urban areas as well as ways to:

  • Hunt closer to home
  • Network with property owners
  • Use essential hunting gear for the best chances of success
  • Use best practices and tips for hunting urban properties
  • And more!

This book is jam-packed full of information to help you become a successful urban hunter without breaking the bank. Through his many years of urban hunting success, author Dustin Vaughn Warncke walks you step by step through the process of successfully hunting urban land.

Praise for Urban Bowhunting

"Thank you for this book! Overall I think this book was great as it inspired and motivated my interest in urban bow hunting for whitetail deer while also giving good tips and techniques in finding a place to hunt. The book also did a great job explaining what to do and not do when hunting in an urban setting. I highly recommend this book to other readers!"
-Michael Foster
Georgetown, TX 

"The book was very informative and well written. I like how you took the reader from 'The Case for Urban Hunting' all the way through 'Making the Most of What You Have'. It gives the reader the full journey from getting started to bringing the deer home."
-Ken Norman
Chesnee, SC

"Good book. Lots of good info for getting into urban hunting. Would pertain to anyone hunting areas near cities or hunting private properties. The book inspired me to hunt areas in eastern Washington."
-Ty Reed
Pasco, WA

"I was given the wonderful opportunity to read the book Dustin wrote, Urban Bowhunting, and there are so many useful tips and tricks that I would have never thought of on my own. 
This September is going to be my first experience with bow hunting and is going to be my second season hunting in general.   I am excited to use some of the tricks and tips that Dustin put into his book.  They are very creative, practical, time & money saving. 
I really like the fact that he explains the different types of equipment and doesn’t focus strictly on one type.  For example, he explains mechanical and fixed broadheads.  A lot of things I have read only focus on one or the other, not both.  The state I live in, it is not legal to use mechanical broadheads so it was good that he explains both for that simple reason.   
I am hoping for a successful first bow season and I am hopefully going to put my newly acquired knowledge to the test very soon!-"
-Alishya Frank
Puyallup, WA

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