Are you looking to increase sales and reach a larger audience of potential clients?

Are you tired of marketing plans that don't work?

Do you want avoid some of the failures that many hunting and fishing guides and outfitters have experienced?

The Hunting Ranch, Outfitters, and Guide's Marketing Handbook can help!

The book covers a wide variety of outside sales and marketing plans to help anyone in the outdoor industry increase sales and outpace the competition. Outdoor industry sales and marketing expert Dustin Vaughn Warncke brings his many years of industry experience. In this book, you will learn how to:

Dustin uses real world experiences from guides, hunting ranches, and outfitters who have grown in the outdoor industry for in this resource and proven methods which have grown numerous business's net profits. This book was written to provide valuable insight for outfitters, guides, and hunting ranches in the outdoor industry.

Warncke has provided marketing services for many guide businesses. The catalyst for writing this book came after writing a book for Outdoor Industry Show Hosts, much of the content in this book can be utilized to achieve sponsorships, effectively target the correct market, and above all increase exposure to increase sales. we hope this book will provide valuable insight into the marketing do’s and don’ts of the industry. While there are many companies and verticals for advertising, the best options are chosen by first understanding the industry, the marketing climate, the competition, and what effective marketing actually entails. This book is filled with resources for outfitters, guides, and hunting ranches that are struggling to make sales and on a budget. You will learn tips and tricks of marketing experts to help you develop a cost-effective and results-oriented marketing strategy for your outdoor industry business. Knowledge is power in the field of marketing, and if you do not possess this knowledge, you could waste thousands of dollars in ineffective marketing . As the old saying goes, "If you give a hungry man a fish, he will be able to fill his belly, if you teach him to fish, he will be able to survive."

Praise for the Book

“Extremely well written, concise and great information.”

Kandie D Candelaria
Touring Angler and Guide
Contributing Editor
Texas Outback Magazine

"To everyone who makes a living in the outdoors; take a hour of your time and read Dustin Warncke's book, The Hunting Ranch, Outfitter, and Guides Service's Marketing Handbook . It is a good read and there is a lot of experienced packed into it.  And I promise you will use some of Dustin's ideas. I know that I will !"

Good Hunting & Tight Line's
Capt. Mike Powell
All Seasons Guide Service, LLC

"Owning my own business as a Texas waterfowl outfitter and fishing guide for over 30 years, simply put, I was "blown away" by The Hunting Ranch, Outfitter and Guide Service’s Marketing Handbook .  Finally a book to point guides and outfitters in the right direction! A must read if you are thinking about starting a guide business or if you are a veteran in the industry. Dustin Warncke has the ability to put in easy to read laymen terms all topics you will encounter as a guide or outfitter. The book takes you through examples of starting out in business, handling clients, marketing, networking, securing sponsorships, operating on a budget and more.  If you are serious about managing a hunting ranch, outfitting business, or guide service I highly recommend you read this book."

Dave Scott Cox
Owner / Guide / Outdoor Writer
Palmetto Guide Service



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