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Dustin Vaughn Warncke
Author, Outdoor Writer, Videographer, Podcaster, TV Show Co-Host

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Praise for Dustin Warncke and Warncke Enterprises

From Dr. Basil Pearson, Owner of Pearson's Tacrail
Testimonial/Letter of Recommendation

From Dave S. Cox with Palmetto Guide Service on Lake Livingson

Testimonial/Letter of Recommendation
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From Twitter

From Facebook

"Hey Dustin, Just wanted to drop by and tell you good job on your hunting videos. It's all solid stuff man!"
-Parker M.
Facebook Message

"Your video has provided me more information than I have been able to gather in over a year. Thanks."

Joe Taylor, Hair with the Hide Outdoors
Rolla, MO

"I love working with you!"
Concha Knight, South Gabriel Massage Clinic
Bertram, TX

"Thank you for your work! You are awesome!"
  Becky Brizendine, Brizendine's Deer Processing
Bertram, TX

Comments From

Comment on: Dustin's Urban Deer Hunt - Two Bucks in One Day

"Just found your channel, really like what you're doing. Getting into crossbow for the first time. Got a Barnett Jackal coming and was looking for broadheads but you solved that problem. Keep up the good videos."

Comment on: After the Shot - Wounded Wild Game Recovery - Blood Tracking

"Always great to learn more about the sport, especially when it comes to ways to do things smarter and/or safer. I appreciate you sharing your experiences and tips. Thanks!"

Comment on: Barnett Crossbows- C5 Wildcat & BCX Buck Commander Extreme

"Nice Shooting"

Comment on: Compound Bow and Crossbow Shooting Fundamentals

"Dustin, I think you just sold me on the crossbow. I suffered a stroke during heart surgery and I am unable to cock the bow of a compound, BUT the Crossbow will allow me to play.

I greatly appreciate your time and effort in making this video - - well done.

My 13 year old grandson is happy, because Gramps will be able to shoot with him.

I live in Washington state, but you have given me yet one more reason to love Texas. ;>)

Goin' shoppin', then shootin'..."
Comment on: Compound Bow and Crossbow Shooting Fundamentals
" I just wanted to say that I appreciate the videos. This is the first one I have watched and it is very useful. I will continue to watch the others. I'm 27 years old and this will be my first season of hunting.....ever! I was in the Marines for 7 years and have plenty experience around guns, but not bows so I am purchasing a used bow  later this week and need all the help I can get on setup, technique, equipment. Thanks again!"

Comment on: Buying a Used Rifle - Do's and Don'ts

"Thanks for the tips! I'm purchasing my first gun soon and this was very helpful."

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