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My name is Jamie Dingus and I would just like to thank Dustin Vaughn Warncke for the motivational knowledge he has provided me. I own a small business which has just idled by for the last few months since starting it up. Without any real business experience, I was making an effort but really had no knowledge or direction. I accidentally stumbled upon Dustin while searching YouTube and found him to be very knowledgeable in the field of outdoor industry success. I later discovered his eBook Achieving Success in the Outdoor industry. I spent the next couple of days reading and absorbing the knowledge contained therein.  As I read the book I realized that even though some if he things discussed had nothing to do with my business, the principals of matter did. It was a very motivational, inspiring read, full of knowledge from someone who has “been there, done that”.  I then proceeded to enroll in the online course he offers called “Finding Success in the Outdoor Industry”. Now this is the main reason for this recommendation and testimonial. If you are looking for some frilly, beautiful designed, catchy-looking course full of pictures and such then look elsewhere.  This course is a straight to the point, no frills, just facts, kind of educational course. The segments are short and to the point, with slides, pdf’s, and audio instruction straight from Dustin. While being very motivational, its truly a step by step guide to starting a successful career in the outdoor industry. Whether your new to the game or an “old dog” that’s been around a while there are so many ways to expand your approach to business in this course.  Dustin teaches how to market yourself, your product, your brand, whatever your selling. This course has the information to put you on the right track.  Whether you want to sell products, diversify income streams, gain sponsorship, or just meet the “right” people, it’s in there. Not only has Dustin provided us with great knowledge for a very fair price, he has been there every step of the way, to answer any questions I’ve had. If you truly want to succeed in your business you should definitely give this course a shot. It will change your life if you truly grasp the magnitude of the content in there. It makes you begin to think a whole different way. Even though everything in the course doesn’t pertain to you, look at it this way: some of it really didn’t necessarily apply to what I am doing, but with a changed mindset now, I began looking for ways to incorporate those tactics into my business. You see it not only instructs you in ways to improve your business out right, it moves your mind into a mode of how you can use this to better the situation you’re in right now. Thanks Dustin for putting out a great product.

-Jamie Dingus

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